Moroccan Ceramic Jars

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This ceramic jar with a Moroccan print puts a new spin on the traditional pickle barni. Our range provides plenty of storage for all sorts of food items, and each piece comes with a lid to keep the contents inside fresh.

    Moroccan Chutney Jar (S)

    • Height: 10cm
    • Width: 7.5cm
    • Weight (Before Packaging): 265g
    • Weight (After Packaging): 415g

    Moroccan Pickle Jar (M)

    • Height: 13cm
    • Width: 9cm
    • Weight (Before Packaging): 495g
    • Weight (After Packaging): 645g

    Moroccan Cookie Jar (L)

    • Height: 18cm
    • Width: 13cm
    • Weight (Before Packaging): 1250g
    • Weight (After Packaging): 1400g