To ensure a smooth process, consider the following steps :

  • If you encounter any issues with your order, such as product damage, defects, incorrect delivery, incomplete delivery, or functional problems with the product, rest assured that we are here to address your concerns.

We are here to bring top-quality products to your home, aiming to make over 100,000 homes happy.

  • If there is a mistake in your order, we understand your disappointment, but kindly give us an opportunity to set things right for you.
  • Please notify us within 2 days of receiving your order and outline your concerns regarding product damage, defects, incorrect delivery, incomplete delivery, or functional issues. Our dedicated team will promptly arrange for a replacement of the affected product.
  • If a replacement is unavailable, the amount you paid will be refunded to your original payment method within 4-5 business days upon receiving complete details of your inquiry. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we appreciate your cooperation in allowing us to resolve any issues you may encounter.
  • Once you confirm payment of your order, your order cannot be changed or cancelled. Please drop an email to info@kohanahomes.com within 12 hours of placing your order for us to be able to confirm this cancellation. In case we have already processed your order you will be advised that the cancellation is not possible. As we aim to maintain quick turnaround times on our order processing, dispatch and deliveries, we may not be able to support your request unless it is received within the stipulated time frame. Cancellations are solely at the discretion of Kohana Homes.

Please take note of the following:

  • We do not facilitate returns or exchanges of the product once they have been opened or used.  Exceptions will be made only in cases of a damaged order, incomplete delivery, or receiving an incorrect item.
  • Please be aware that returns are not accepted based on size preferences. To assist you in finding the perfect fit, we ensure that all sizes are clearly stated on our website. It is advisable to review product dimensions before making a purchase.
  • Due to variations in device settings and lighting conditions, color perception may differ. While we make every effort to accurately display product colors on our website, slight variations may occur. We cannot accept return requests solely based on perceived color differences. Kindly review the product color before making a purchase.
  • Given the fragile nature of certain items like ceramics and glassware, we cannot accept returns if these products arrive in perfect condition. It is essential to inspect and report any damages upon delivery.

We appreciate your understanding of these exclusions as they are in place to ensure a fair and efficient return process. If you have any concerns or encounter issues within these specified categories, please reach out to us, and we will do our best to address your situation.

How to return?

To ensure the safe return of your order, we meticulously package our products to prevent damage during transit. When sending back an item, it’s crucial to handle it with care.

Whenever feasible, kindly utilize the original product packaging for repacking. This ensures added protection during transit, safeguarding the item from potential damage. Please note that if the returned item is received in a broken condition, we won’t be able to proceed with a refund.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance regarding our return policy, please feel free to get in touch with our team through our details mentioned.

We are here and ready to help you!