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Barfi Metal Votive Holder (Set of 2)

Elevate your living room’s aesthetic with this set of two Barfi Metal Votive Holders. Featuring a diamond pattern that creates a modern, stylish vibe, these holders instantly add texture…

Dry Flower Wax Votive Holder

Carefully handcrafted by the finest candle makers, the soy wax votive holder is made with real dried flowers pressed into its surface. When lit, the…

Glow Golden Votive Holder

Exude warmth and festive joy this Diwali with this beautiful lotus-shaped votive holder. Dimensions: Width: 13cm Height: 6cm Weight (Before Packaging): 250g Weight (After Packaging): 400g…

Moroccan Glass Votive Candles (Set of Three)

Light up these lavender-scented glass votive candles in our signature Moroccan print to soothe your surroundings or to gift for the festive season. Made with the finest quality wax, these…

Nayab Hanging Votive Holder

Spread light and festive cheer through your home with the Nayab Hanging Votive Holder. This exquisite lotus-shaped metal piece is a statement on any wall it…

Noor Mahal Hanging Votive Holder

Spread light and festive cheer through your home with the Noor Mahal Hanging Votive Holder, which exhibits exquisitely etched Mughal jaali work.  Dimensions: Length: 25cm Height:…

Noor Wall Mount Votive Holder

Eye-catching five-arm Noor wall mount votive holder can hold 5 candles at a time and comes with colourful hanging beads that will liven up any…

Scarlet Mercury Candles (Set of Three)

Spread festive cheer through your home this winter, or make someone’s Christmas merry with this stunning set of red glass votive candles, complete with a decorative…