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Ceramic Jars with traditional Indian textile print
Printed Ceramic Chutney Jar
Kalamkari Ceramic Jars
Printed Ceramic Pickle Jar
Kalamkari Ceramic Jars
Printed Ceramic Cookie Jar
Kalamkari Ceramic Jars

Kalamkari Ceramic Jars

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This handmade ceramic jar with a traditional Kalamkaari textile print reimagines the traditional pickle barni.


    Kalamkaari Chutney Jar (S)

    • Height: 9cm
    • Width: 8.5cm
    • Weight (Before Packaging): 265
    • Weight (After Packaging): 446g

    Kalamkaari Pickle Jar (M)

    • Height: 14cm
    • Width: 10cm
    • Weight (Before Packaging): 495g
    • Weight (After Packaging):750g

    Kalamkaari Cookie Jar (L)

    • Height: 18cm
    • Width: 13cm
    • Weight (Before Packaging): 1000g
    • Weight (After Packaging): 1150g