bakhoor burner


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Aftaab Brass Resin Burner

Minimal yet a standout. Add a bit of spirituality to your home with this stylish brass burner. Paired with aroma oils, this also makes for…

Gulmarg Brass Dhuna

This brass loban (incense) burner stands out with its antique finish. Use it to purify your surroundings or de-stress with its soothing scents. The ornate lid and sturdy…

Holy Earth Ethnic Brass Aroma Oil Burner with Handle

Add a bit of spirituality and calm to your home with this beautifully handcrafted dhuna-style brass burner. Paired with aroma oils, the cutwork diffuser also makes…

Mumtaz Marble Diffuser

Handmade by artisans from the city of Taj, the Mumtaz Diffuser is a statement decorative piece. Place a scented tealight underneath and watch the light…

Purohit Brass Dhuna

 999.00  1,400.00
This matte finish of this dhuna gives it an alluring vintage vibe. Redefine your antique collection with this beautifully handcrafted brass loban (incense) burner. Its cane-woven handle…

Shalimar Brass Dhuna

A modern-day fusion of culture and antiquity, its elegant antique finish purifies the surroundings when lit. The perfect addition to your decor, this brass loban (incense) burner comes in…